risk4all is a GRC tool that provides support during the different stages of compliance related to privacy and overall with information security and security or cyber-risk irrigation.ies

risk4all covers the fundamental requirements for compliance with GDPR, as well as other aspects of ISO / IEC 27001 and ENS compliance, and in general information security, such as risk assessments, action plans, audit results management.

It is planned to increase the functionalities for these regulations, and include other modules in the short term.

Benefit from all the functionalities with risk4all


Risk assessment

Supports the process of assessing and treatment of information security risks to support ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR, ENS and other related regulations


Risk Assessment and Privacy Impact Analysis on Privacy

Support during the impact and risk assessment process for personal data processing activities


Record of processing activities

Inventory and management of the personal data processing activities of the organization.


Rights management

Registration, management and communications related to the management of rights exercises of individuals.


GDPR Assessments

Evaluations about the maturity level of compliance concerning obligations derived from the regulations such as GDPR and other local regulations.


Maintenance of controls applicable to risk management

GDPR, Spanish LOPDGDD, ISO / IEC 27002, Spanish ENS


Management of non-conformities and action plans

Management of actions derived from risk assessments, impacts, non-compliance, internal and external audits, incidents, etc.


Evaluations of information security good practices